On the Couch with Thomas McGuane

Thomas McGuane - photo by Brian GeachWho is Thomas McGuane?
I am an actor, singer, musician, photographer and nerd. I am 22 and I’m an Aries. Country born and bred and now live in Melbourne with my partner and our toy cavoodle.

What would you differently to what you do now?
Back myself more. Trust my skills, trust that I am enough and defend my beliefs. I’m certainly getting better at these, however it’s a work in progress and probably will be for the remainder of my career. And I’m all for it, bring it on!

Who inspires you and why?
The people I work with inspire me, always. I often deliberately surround myself with people I either look up to or who I can inevitably learn from. That said, I’ve always been a fan of Hugh Jackman. The way he holds himself as an actor, performer and overall genuine human. His desire for more knowledge and improvement, and the care and passion he has for his craft, is inspiring.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
My word, there are so many things I can think of, but this one thing has been on my mind for quite some time – In a world that I could control, every girl and every woman would be safe to leave their homes, enjoy their evenings, and be promised a safe return – It breaks my heart what we’ve been seeing in bulletins and articles. If I could promise these things, and ensure this doesn’t happen anymore, at the very least, this would be a enormous step in the right direction.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
So many to choose. If I’m feeling like a relaxed, rejuvenating holiday getaway, I’d say Magnetic Island, off the coast of Townsville. Or if I didn’t want to travel as far, I’d head down to the family home in Colac and be with family. However, my dream holiday destination will always be Florence. I’ve been there once on a family trip and fell in love with it and I plan to take Rachel, my partner, there one of these days. The culture, the food, the people, the sites. Just magical.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
Well considering my home base is in Melbourne, I would always say a brisk stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens is a must – especially around April/May when it’s just starting to edge towards the colder side but the sun is out. It’s calming, peaceful and great for any family gatherings or simply passing through. Very refreshing if you’re after a Metropolitan escape.

What are you currently reading?
Thrive by Brendan Brazier – a nutrition book that seeks to demystify the world of plant-based dieting and the impacts and implications this has on your body for maintaining health, improving performance and promoting biological longevity and economy. Brilliant read for any budding Vegans.

What are you currently listening to?
I’m pretty bipolar when it comes to choosing my music for the day but there is a song I’m obsessed with at the moment and it’s a cover of Without You by Leslie Odom Jr. It’s Stunning. Simple yet dynamic, the way it builds, the instrumentation and arrangement really compliments the simplicity of the lyrics and intention.

Happiness is?
Everyone probably has a very different definition of happiness. It’s one of the more harder questions in life to answer. I certainly think happiness is something that can’t be found outside of ourselves, otherwise, we’d all by happiness by the basket-full at the supermarket. To find happiness is to realise its internal impact – to feel it. However, those things that create happiness is what is individual unique between people. What makes me happy are funny enough very simple things. A hug, sunsets, being indoors while it rains, playing games, playing piano, hearing a baby laugh, patting my dog, getting a text from my partner, hearing new music. all these, even typing them out, make me grin like an idiot and that, to me, is a good sign of what truly makes one realise happiness.

What does the future hold for you?
Man, I really wish I knew, but I’ll tell you what I want it to hold. I want it to hold safety, I want it to hold love, I want it to hold opportunities, to hold learning, development, progression, family, new friends, rekindling old friendships, new beginnings and trust. A trust in my worth, a trust in my craft, and a trust in my strength. Big things are coming and I will work and work and work till they become real. One step at a time!

Thomas stars as Bob Gaudio in the Australian production of Jersey Boys – which plays Melbourne’s Regent Theatre from 23 February (opening night – 2 March). For more information, visit: www.jerseyboys.com.au for details.

Image: Thomas McGuane – photo by Brian Geach