On the Couch with Teresa Ingrilli

Teresa Ingrilli photo by Matt BiocichWho is Teresa Ingrilli?
Born and raised Perth-gal – now living in Melbourne. I surround myself with people who are creative, passionate and kind. I love learning and I love finding better ways to do things – so classical voice is an endless playground for me to explore. My favourite style of music is Italian romantic (music by Verdi and Puccini) however, the music I love performing the most is by Mozart.

What would you do differently from what you do now?
In terms of career choices, I wouldn’t change anything. I work in in marketing to financially support my singing and I really enjoy that both pathways are creative, require detail and are a form of communication.

Who inspires you and why?
I am constantly inspired by international soprano Ermonela Jaho – I resonate with the way she approaches her characters – very real, emotionally deep and using her own experiences (difficult or no) to draw upon. She chooses to know herself better and then uses that understanding to tell the story.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
I’m a bit of a realist and I try not to dream too big. The thing I do – everyday – is kindness. I like to assume people mean well (and you usually work out pretty quickly if they don’t). I believe that everyone just wants to be heard, given a chance and loved – so I chose kindness first. So a smile to a stranger here, a thank you to the driver there may make a little difference to someone’s otherwise dull day.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
This was a really tough one to answer and it made me realise that I don’t go on enough holidays to be able to answer it. I imagine, I’d like to go somewhere with an amazing landscapes (natural and human made). I once stayed on top of Mt Pilates in Lucerne, Switzerland, it was pretty unreal to wake up every morning to see the sun rising over the snowy alps outside my hotel window.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
I always take my friends on a drive to see unique vantage points around the city and surrounds where you can see cool views (not typical touristy locations) – it gives them a good sense of Melbourne. My other choice is taking them to unique cafes and restaurants that specialise in what they do – and it doesn’t need to be fancy – in fact the cheaper the better the experience.

What are you currently reading?
Most of the time I am reading a libretto or books related to the piece I’m learning. But right now I’m listening to the audiobook of The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett.

What are you currently listening to?
Same deal as reading – my Spotify wrapped for 2023 was essentially every production I was in last year (Mozart, Wagner, Donizetti and more Mozart). Right now I am listening to the Content Strategy podcast by Kristina Halvorson.

Happiness is?
Understanding that it cannot exist without experiencing all forms of emotions. Once you do the work to understand yourself you can start to feel a long term sort-of happy contentness – at least that’s how it worked for me.

What does the future hold for you?
My very long term goals are to take advantage of my marketing and storytelling skills to help foster the classical arts industry (opera especially) to thrive. But until then, I intend to grow my performing including collaborating with local musicians to make my own shows. I want to sing as well as a world-class soprano would at The Met – so – I have some work to do!

In the short term future – I am preparing for my debut collaboration with Forrest Collective in the new opera called Labyrinth by Evan Lawson. I’m very exited to work with this group of skilled creatives.

Teresa can be seen in Labyrinth by Evan Lawson – which will be presented at the Abbotsford Covent, as part of the 2024 Midsumma Festival: 6 – 10 February. For more information, visit: www.forestcollective.com.au for details.

Image: Teresa Ingrilli – photo by Matt Biocich