On the Couch with Rose Chalker McGann

Rose Chalker McGann Arts Review On the CouchWho is Rose Chalker McGann?
She is a performance artist that explores a range of mediums, visual, sound, words, installation, movement and circus.

What would you do differently to what you do now?
Invest more energy into new hobbies, like the ukulele and learning another language.

Who inspires you and why?
The circus world is very embracing; it’s an amazing industry to be part of. So in terms of inspiration, it would have to be the people I surround myself with, friends and peers.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
1. Adopt as many kids as I can.
2. Project positivity, joy and understanding as much as humanly possible.

Favorite holiday destination and why?
So far the most memorable/favorite place I’ve been too is Barcelona. I found the food, culture, people and design of the city engaging and ridiculously beautiful. It was slightly odd as I felt like I’d been there before, I didn’t need a map to get around and I felt like I naturally integrated to it. Actually, the whole reason I went was to see my favorite band ‘Portishead’. I’d been listening to them since I was 13, so I think that also had something to do with me falling in love with the city.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
I’d take them out for Melbourne brunch; walk the laneways, the Vic Markets, the best op-shops in town and Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. Pretty much all my favorite things to do in Melbourne.

What are you currently reading?
My tour schedule!

What are you currently listening to?
Moderat – II

Happiness is?
1. A good sleep.
2. A home cooked meal.
3. Being with my brothers.
4. Talking life with my cousin.
5. Nailing a new trick.
6. Putting on a crazy instrumental album and free styling.
7. Happiness is complicated because its so simple, which makes it confusing and a bit of a tease.

What does the future hold for you?
As long as I work hard and push myself in the present, the future will be positive whatever it holds for me.

Rose spent most of her younger years along the rural west coast of Ireland, regularly traveling between Australia and Ireland. She developed a passion for music and performed as a singer-songwriter for a number of years.

At 15, she decided to make Australia a permanent home where she hoped to connect with and understand her indigenous culture and family. She then found herself in Melbourne at The Victorian College Of The Arts studying a Bachelor of Fine Art. During her studies, she discovered circus and was inspired by its physicality.

Rose found that her work was integrating with her love of circus and she completed an honours year that explored those elements, transporting her printmaking knowledge and circus skill to live, installation based performance art. Her work aimed to push the body’s boundaries and explore its ability to speak with movement and sound.

Since then Rose has moved into the fringe circuit, focussing on circus as an expression of her love of the arts. While working the Edinburgh Fringe, she was invited to take part in the 2016 Circus Oz BLAKflip program. Now located in Melbourne permanently, Rose aims to apply her multi-disciplinary experience to Circus Oz and its distinctly Australian approach to circus.

Rose can be seen as part of the multi-­talented Circus Oz ensemble in their latest show, Model Citizens under the Big Top in Birrarung Marr: 22 June – 16 July 2017. For more information, visit: www.circusoz.com for details.

Image: Rose Chalker McGann – courtesy of Circus Oz