On the Couch with Miranda Aguilar

Miranda-Aguilar-AAR-On-the-CouchWho is Miranda Aguilar?
I am a queer, Filipinx writer, creative producer and community arts worker. I write for stage, screen and other digital mediums, and support emerging story-tellers and artists through the Western Sydney community arts and media organisation, CuriousWorks. My work includes writing and showrunning the webseries Las Rosas, Western Sydney’s first telenovela, producing the short film, Prone to the Drone, and writing my first play Let Me Know When You Get Home, a coming-of-age theatre work about growing up queer in Western Sydney. I write for spicy gay nerds and soft brown weirdoes. I’m one of the story-tellers at Queerstories: Western Sydney at Riverside Theatre.

What would you do differently from what you do now?
Rest more. Check my phone less. Skateboard everywhere.

Who inspires you and why?
I work and volunteer a lot with young people, who are consistently more brilliant, thoughtful and caring than people think, and deserve to be valued more.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
I’ve only been able to make any headway as an artist because of the support and mentorship of other people. If the only thing I do is help other people – especially other queer and trans artists of colour – survive and thrive in our arts and media culture, that’ll be enough for me.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Pre-2020, I would have said Japan; now, I just want to hang out with my cousins in the Philippines.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
Friends visiting is always a good excuse for good food, so it’d inevitably include a food tour of Cabra.

What are you currently reading?
Jonathan Van Ness’ memoir Over the Top and Michael W. Twitty’s The Cooking Gene. I’ve also been subscribing to a lot of Substacks recently: Ann Helen Petersen’s Culture Study, Mona Eltahawy’s Feminist Giant, and my current favourite, folu’s unsnackable.

What are you currently listening to?
Mostly podcasts: Just Between Us, Maintenance Phase, Scam Goddess, and a lot of Dungeon and Dragons podcasts – Not Another DND Podcast, Dragon Friends, and Adventure Zone.

Happiness is?
Long, late night D&M’s with close friends when you keep laughing and talking way past when you meant to say good night.

What does the future hold for you?
My first play, Let Me Know When You Get Home, is happening soon (18 – 20 March) with the National Theatre of Parramatta at Riverside Theatres as part of their Launchpad Double Bill. I’ve also been working with a group of Filipinx writers on a new theatre work called Salt Baby.

Miranda can be heard at Queerstories – a national storytelling project directed by Maeve Marsden – an evening of unexpected tales, stories of pride, prejudice, resilience and resistance, delivered with warmth and humour by incredible local storytellers at Riverside Theatres on Saturday 13 February. For more information, visit: www.riversideparramatta.com.au for details.

Image: Miranda Aguilar (supplied)