On the Couch with Max Riebl

Max Riebl AAR On the CouchWho is Max Riebl?
He is no one to be trifled with.

What would you do differently to what you do now?
Tell more dull people that I don’t like working with to sod off.

Who inspires you and why?
The overlooked, underrated and forgotten artists who survived the (Australian) ordeal of thankless creativity and made something incredible happen with little to work with.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
“deal with” the feral cat problem.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
I don’t like the idea of holidays much, but I like them once I get there. Probably Prague, it’s cheap and the people there don’t try to impress anybody.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
The West Gate Bridge area, because it’s bleak, industrial, dangerous and very Melbourne.

What are you currently reading?
The Common Book of Prayer.

What are you currently listening to?
Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk.

Happiness is?
Purpose and parenthood (if your child is nice).

What does the future hold for you?
More art, less matter.

Max will present Hard To Handel as part of the 2018 Melbourne Cabaret Festival at Chapel Off Chapel on Saturday 30 June & Sunday 1 July. For more information, visit: www.melbournecabaret.com for details.

Image: Max Riebl (supplied)