On the Couch with Maverick Newman

Maverick-Newman-AAR-On-the-CouchWho is Maverick Newman?
I don’t know. I think I know but then he goes and does something ‘out of character’ and becomes all elusive again. He’s pretty handsome though.

What would you do differently from what you do now?
I’d probably throw lots of dinners. I’m a mediocre cook but that’s not really the point.

Who inspires you and why?
My enemies. Who better to light a fire under my butt?

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
“I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could’ve been any clearer, if you wanna make the world a better place, that a look at yourself and then make a change!”

Favourite holiday destination and why?
I don’t really go on holidays – I just have periods of unemployment.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
If we’re talking Melbourne: I’d just take them to cafes, restaurants and the theatre. Melbourne does those things pretty well.

What are you currently reading?
Violence by Slavoj Zizek.

What are you currently listening to?
Lizzy McAlpine.

Happiness is?
Overrated. And a bit flaky.

What does the future hold for you?
Uncertainty and incoherence. Still trying to learn how to lean in.

Maverick stars as Chandler in Friends! The Musical Parody – which plays Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre from 23 November 2022. For more information, visit: www.friendsmusical.com.au for details.

Image: Maverick Newman (supplied)