On the Couch with Lydia Warr and Evette White

On the Couch Lydia Warr and Evette WhiteWho is Lydia Warr and Evette White?
Lydia Warr and Evette White play ‘Louise & Clara’ in GHOST The Musical (sisters to Oda Mae Brown – The Clairvoyant). They both hail from the USA and have played these roles for the US and Asian Tours for some years. Both are thrilled to be touring Downunder.

Who inspires you and why?
Lydia – I’m inspired by my parents. They are pastors and do a lot of great work in the community. I always knew I wanted to do something great like them and wanted to touch lives through my performance craft.

Evette – I’m inspired by my friends. A lot of us didn’t come from wealth or great resources. We went to college together and then New York. Everyday each one of us takes a step closer to our dream. The tenacity is wonderful.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
Lydia – My dream is to have own studio in Harlem, for kids to work on and develop their own art, theatre, film and music. I want to effect change in my community back home.

Evette – I’d make a big ol’ love pill! Free and accessible (with no negative side effects) to give to the world.

What are your favourite holiday destinations and why?
Lydia – I love the magic of Disneyworld in Florida. So much so I’ve been 6 times!!

Evette – Jamaica!! I’ve never been, but looks so good on postcards. I plan to go after this tour.

What are each of you currently listening to?
LydiaFly before You Fall by Cynthia Erivo

Evette – Pandora: Mary Mary & Beyoncé

Happiness to you is?
Lydia – When I see things in life that I desire and hoped for coming to fruition. And spending time with all the people that matter most.

Evette – Feeling and seeing the love of God manifested through my life and people around me.

What does your future hold?
Lydia – “She’s waiting for her man to put ring on it” … hint hint!

Evette – I’m soon making a music video. Oh and Jamaica!

Lydia and Evette are currently appearing in the Australian Tour of GHOST The Musical which plays at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre from Saturday 6 February, before touring to Sydney and Perth. For more information, visit: www.ghostthemusical.com.au for details.

Image: Lydia Warr and Evette White (supplied)