On the Couch with Jordy Shea

Jordan Shea_oncWho is Jordy Shea?
I’m a twenty year old actor, playwright and theatre loving student from Sydney’s South. My mother is from Baguio City, Philippines and my father is from Corrimal near Wollongong. Apart from freelancing about the arts, I have a ‘day job’ with many theatres and concert venues in Sydney. Oh, I’m also trudging my way through a Bachelor of Arts.

What would you differently to what you do now?
Keep fit! I walk a lot, but I’d love a good fitness regime. I like to think of doing productions like keeping fit, mentally more than physically. Also, I’d love to learn to cook and learn another language.

Who inspires you and why?
Assertive people. Those types of people who can stand their ground and remain truthful in their beliefs; political, social or religious. They have something to speak about and to argue. Also, quiet achievers. Those who are not fussy over what they do or believe. They create a ‘no conflict’ atmosphere and don’t look to argue; unlike certain politicians and media personalities we see today. Passionate arts people are also so damn inspirational, especially those who don’t stop working in the arts-even into their late 80s!

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
I used to volunteer with Matthew Talbot in High School, and did it infrequently for a year afterwards. If I had the time, I’d love to be there as much as possible.

Favourite Holiday Destination and Why?
New York City. What a beautiful place. I’ve been there many times over the past four years, most recently in February. It’s so accessible for anyone. Performing arts, museums, culture; it has it all. I love the boroughs; Chelsea, Queens and the Bronx. I’m fortunate to have family living there as well. I try and see 8 – 12 shows whenever I’m there. It’s a great place, with great people.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take then to, and why?
The Rocks and Potts Point. I love the old facade the Rocks has, and it boasts many original pubs and buildings. It’s great for a bite, drink or stroll. Cobblestones and all, it’s a real treat. Night or day, it’s the same. Buzzing! Quaint back streets provide wholesome dining and everything. Potts Point is another. A walk around there sees two truly different sides of Sydney. Bayswater Road has the grunge of the Cross, and then beyond that, the secure and calm streets of Potts Point. Awesome cafes’ and you can see the old Metro Theatre!

What are you currently reading?
A coffee table book called The Producers that I bought at a huge second hand bookstore in Chelsea, NY. It’s about the making of the musical of the same name. Also, Finishing the Hat which is a collection of Sondheim’s complete works. With commentaries, side notes and anecdotes by the master himself.

What are you currently listening to?
Two recordings of Anyone Can Whistle. I’m doing the show in October! Can’t wait. The two recordings have Angela Lansbury, Madeliene Kahn and Bernadette Peters. Both were recorded roughly 30 years between each other.

Happiness is?
In the moment!

What does the future hold for you?
I’ll be in rehearsals for Anyone Can Whistle playing Comptroller Schub for MUSE/King Street Theatre. Then, I’ll be doing my one man show for the Sydney Fringe Festival. As always, lots of projects bubbling away!

Jordy Shea is an actor, producer and writer who has been involved in theatre for the past seven years. A graduate of Sydney Theatre School, where he earned his Diploma of Acting, he went on to perform in many productions including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It (Casula Powerhouse), Keating! The Musical, The Producers, Glengarry Glenn Ross and many more.

Jordy’s producing credits include: Company and the charity benefit; Stand Up For Starlight (Starlight Foundation). His first play; It’s Been a While will be performed at the King Street Theatre, and his next one man play; Somewhere, Beyond the Footlights will be performed as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. He will perform later this year as Comptroller Schub in Anyone Can Whistle.

It’s Been a While plays at the King Street Theatre 16 – 19 July. For more information, visit: www.smokinggumtheatre.com for details.

Image: Jordan Shea