On the Couch with Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine FitzgeraldWho is Catherine Fitzgerald?
Artistic Director of Feast Adelaide Queer Cultural Festival.

What would you do differently to what you do now?
I wouldn’t be Artistic Director of a cultural festival that opens in two days.  I would be doing something less stressful like walking on the beach.

Who inspires you and why?
Australian Playwright – Patricia Cornelius.  She is so talented and skilled .  Her work is brilliant, sharp, rude, poetic.  She is such an important commentator on our contemporary lives. She also is not afraid to say it as it is.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
If I had a magic wand or the power and means I would: have a fair tax system that ensured that multinationals and big media moguls pay what they should, so that we could have free education for university students, ensure Aboriginal people are able to go forward with self determination, treat refugees with respect and not as criminals, not blame unemployed people for their situation, not be USA’s lap dog, increase arts funding…..

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Bed – so I can get some sleep.

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take then to, and why? 
To Feast Festival.  If it is not Feast time I would take them to the Barossa Valley.

What are you currently reading? 
The End of the Homosexual by Dennis Altman.

What are you currently listening to? 
A lot of very busy people in a very, very small office.

Happiness is? 
A very good glass of South Australian Shiraz, sitting with friends with a magnificent sunset.

What does the future hold for you?
A nervous breakdown!!!

Catherine Fitzgerald is currently the Artistic Director of the Feast Festival, and a well respected and in demand actor, director, dramaturg and writer. She is the former Artistic Director of Vitalstatistix National Women’s Theatre, Associate Director of State Theatre Company of South Australia, and held appointments at the Flinders University Drama Centre.

Directorial credits for State Theatre Company of South Australia include: Salt, Third World Blues, Proof, Boston Marriage, Frozen, The Female Of The Species, The Memory Of Water, The Give and Take, The Zoo Story, War Mother, Top Girls, The Misanthrope, and In The Next Room or the Vibrator Play.

Other directorial / dramaturgical credits include The Dead Ones (Feast / Vitalstatistix), Pomona Road (AFCT), Rockin’ The Boat (The Port Festival), and Once Upon A Midnight (OzAsia Festival / Flinders University Drama Centre). For Flinders University Drama Centre, Catherine was supervising director on Svetlana in Slingbacks, Terrorism, The God of Hell, Tender, and Ghost Sonata. She received critical acclaim for her role in Holding the Man (STCSA).

The 2013 Feast Festival runs from 9 – 24 November. For more information, visit: www.feast.org.au for details.

Image: Catherine Fitzgerald