On the Couch with Andi Snelling

Andi Snelling AAR On the Couch - photo by Darren GillWho is Andi Snelling?
A performer, writer and walking rainbow with a special love of physical theatre. Throw me a banana and I’ll happily slip on it.

What would you do differently to what you do now?
Pay more attention to life’s little nudges which tell me where I should be going.

Who inspires you and why?
Frida Kahlo, who I’ve always loved, has become even more of an inspiration to me since I’ve experienced major health issues myself. I adore the uncompromising way she used her art to express her illness, her trauma, and her very soul. I was once gifted the Frida Kahlo Barbie which, you know, I recognise is pretty counter Frida’s politics, but I confess to it being my favourite (non) objet d’art in my house!

On a more personal level, I am continuously inspired by those in the Lyme disease community who are clawing their way back from death’s grip in the face of unfathomable medical politics.

What would you do to make a difference in the world?
Smile more!

Favourite holiday destination and why?
My imagination! Because it’s wild and free and has more world in it than this world!

When friends come to town, what attraction would you take them to, and why?
Melbourne’s vibrant laneways because of the ever-evolving and decaying art they contain. And, of course, to the theatre; in particular, La Mama or The Malthouse – which are my personal faves.

What are you currently reading?
My script for my solo show Happy-Go-Wrong because I’m currently in show season and love finding new ways of reading between my own lines before each show… In terms of books, on my bedside table is Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales which digs into the exact themes of my show: mortality, resilience and the unexpected hope and joy you can discover amidst unimaginable adversity. I can very much relate to it.

What are you currently listening to?
Podcasts galore! Also, I am obsessed with French-language artists such as Pierre Lapointe, Camille, Guillaume Poncelet, Ariane Moffatt and (for super cool ironic pop) Philippe Katerine… the list goes on. I’ve always been drawn to French music, especially off-beat Quebecois artists, for some reason.

Happiness is?
Accepting what is, no matter what. It’s surprising how available happiness is.

What does the future hold for you?
A full recovery from chronic Lyme disease, a poetry book, many more theatre shows, and all of the art that can fill my heart.

Andi presents her solo odyssey, Happy-Go-Wrong at The Burrow until 29 September as part of the 2019 Melbourne Fringe. For more information, visit: www.melbournefringe.com.au for details.

Image: Andi Snelling – photo by Darren Gill