On Point with Li Cunxin AO

Queensland Ballet Li Cunxin AOAttending the talk given by this extraordinary man is an experience and privilege I will never forget. Against a backdrop prepared for the ballet, Romeo and Juliet, Li Cunxin AO delivered his very personal and painful story with dignity. The early poverty and deprivation he described was emotionally devastating.

Li’s unswerving loyalty to and love for his parents was obvious and beautiful to behold. On all levels, the values they instilled in their son have been fundamental to the development of this magnificent man. Estranged for years from my own three sons and three brothers, he spoke of a family bond and love which is forever beyond the reach of my own dreams.

Truly, he is an inspirational, highly articulate speaker. Personally, I found new courage and restored strength to face my own suffering in the message he delivered. He reminded us that a half empty glass can be perceived as half full. The positivity of perception grounded in gratitude.

When asked by me for a single sentence of summation, he stated, “Live each day with enormous gratitude.”

Recognising his distinguished service to the performing arts, as a ballet dancer and artistic director, Li Cunxin was named this year as an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the Queen’s Birthday honours.

I look forward to attending and reviewing the opening night of Queensland Ballet’s production of Romeo and Juliet on Wednesday 28 August 2019.

On Point with Li Cunxin AO
Lyric Theatre – Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Brisbane
Event: Sunday 25 August 2019
Information: www.queenslandballet.com.au

Image: Li Cunxin AO – courtesy of Queensland Ballet

Words: Michele-Rose Boylan