OBLIVION – Rediscovery of Self

SOMA Bertucci Oblivion AARMarking a retreat from reality through mesmerizing visions of the expansion of consciousness and vistas from utopic/dystopic worlds, Melbourne-based artist Anthony Bertucci presents OBLIVION – Rediscovery of Self at SOMA Gallery from 28 September 2018.

A culmination of 10 years work, the exhibition focuses on rediscovering the egoless self and promoting the loving kindness attained through mediative creative practices and of limitless potential within passion of creative output. Inspired by Natural landscapes, ethereal spaces and places of transcendence, Bertucci’s paintings vibrate with splashes of colour and layered movement.

Abstract expressionism and spirituality have always been an inspiration for Bertucci’s work which has been evolving over 2 decades and the latest collection delves into languishing landscapes, space travel and abstract microcosmos – adding an atmosphere of calm and wonder to any modern interior with colour palettes to suit all room settings.

A seasonal curation of focused creative output, OBLIVION – Rediscovery of Self features mixed medium abstracts and digital reinterpretations of landscapes both real and fictional.

“There is a constant dialogue happening between me and the art I’m producing, its a tug of war between perfection and imperfection,” says Anthony. “Somewhere in the middle is where I want to be with my art, to honour the majestic imperfections of life and nature and the obscured beauty all around us “

OBLIVION – Rediscovery of Self
SOMA Gallery, 421 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Exhibition: 8 September – 6 October 2018

For more information, visit: www.anthonybertucci.com or www.facebook.com for details.

Image: Anthony Bertucci (supplied)