Not Finished With You Yet!

Dickie-Productions-Not-Finished-With-You-YetDickie Productions presents the world premiere of a hilarious and risqué musical, Not Finished With You Yet! at The Alex Theatre, St Kilda this March.

In a stroke of genius casting, Gross has announced the leads will feature married couple, Christie Whelan Browne as Kate, and Rohan Browne as Rupert – who will play a married couple.

Directed by Kim Anderson, with musical direction by Martine Wengrow, the cast also features Lauren Gunson, Daniel Cosgrove, Leah Zilberman, Cristina D’Agostino, Alexia Brinsley, Rebecca Cullinan, Dinesh Mathew, Alec Gilbert, Matt Heyward, Matthew Hamilton and Karla Hillam.

“In this buoyant, occasionally saucy musical, the protagonists fight the system to stay together. Twenty songs explore this journey,” said writer and composer, Dick Gross AM.

“In this play, everyone cannot wait to split except for one couple. What is the nature of the long-term, mature love in our lives?”

Gross went on to explain the play. “What if you lived in a world where divorce was compulsory? But you were still in love?”

Lifelong love is unbearable. In this dystopian world where all marriages must end at 13 years, a couple fights to stay together for love.

Kate and Rupert live in a world where love is not forever …in their world as life expectancy has grown from 35 to 85, those extra 50 years make lifelong marriage unendurable: awful in fact. So, by law, everyone must divorce after 13 years. But Kate and Rupert are in love.

Explore not only the nature of love in its middle stages but also confront middle-aged issues that we all must face at some time such as having children or not, the joys of coffee, post-menopausal sex, masturbation, and the male midlife crisis!

Kate and Rupert fight the 13-year rule and declare… Marriage must live on… Join us on this incredibly special musical journey.

Director: Kim Anderson | Featuring: Alexia Brinsley, Christie Whelan Browne, Rohan Browne, Daniel Cosgrove, Rebecca Cullinan, Cristina D’Agostino, Alec Gilbert, Lauren Gunson, Matthew Hamilton, Matt Heyward, Karla Hillam, Dinesh Mathew, Leah Zilberman | Musical Director: Martine Wengrow | Musical Arranger: Malcom Huddle | Choreography: John Utans | Set Design: Kim Anderson, Matt Osborne | Costume: Vicky Horne | Sound: Marcello Lo Ricco (LSS Productions) | Wigs & Hair Coordinator: Laura Stearns | Production Executive: Sarah Cossey Glaubert | Stage Manager: Sam Hornstein | Producer / Writer / Composer: Dick Gross AM

Not Finished With You Yet!
The Alex Theatre, 1 / 135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Season: 10 March – 2 April 2023 (previews: 6 – 9 March)

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Image: Not Finished With You Yet! (supplied)