NORPA opening up to big Ideas

NORPA Jeni CaffinNORPA is a renowned regionally-based theatre company in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The company creates and produces original work as well as presents a dynamic and diverse program in a range of disciplines.

The Northern Rivers is NORPA’s physical and spiritual home; inspiration is drawn from its landscape, history, people and culture. Work is chosen to challenge perceptions of the arts. Dance, circus, visual art, live music, surprising locations, audience interaction, and all manner of human and technological skills combine to tell the story.

NORPA projects are ambitious and take the company, and audiences, to new places. In 2017, the company will launch a new suite of events called NORPA Ideas – with Jeni Caffin at the helm as Curator.

NORPA Ideas came about because we are lucky enough to live within a very politically and socially aware community and we understand that our role as a theatre company doesn’t start and end at making and presenting theatre. We are also responsible for engaging minds and imaginations,” said NORPA Artistic Director Julian Louis.

“In activating Lismore City Hall as a cultural hub we plan to deliver events that connect NORPA to everyone living in the Northern Rivers and satisfy an appetite for different forms of thought and expression. Ideas have currency here, thinkers are avidly embraced, issues big and small are given public voice across a variety of platforms. With NORPA Ideas we commit to open the hearts and minds of Northern Rivers residents to interesting ideas, dangerous debates and compelling conversations.”

Jeni Caffin will join the team as NORPA Ideas curator effective immediately. “I am privileged to have engaged with brilliant writers and thinkers through my work with the Byron Writers Festival and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, not to mention the years with Angus & Robertson in its glory days,” said Jeni Caffin.

“Through the NORPA Ideas program, I intend to present an encounter with interesting minds and the opportunity to dig deep, to discuss and examine issues that challenge and shape our lives. And have fun! While 2017 will see the launch of the program proper, we are keen to offer our enthusiastic audiences stimulus and inspiration right now.”

“We welcome your input into this new initiative. I would love to discuss potential speakers and themes with you. Why wait? Let’s get busy and change minds!”

If you have suggestions for the NORPA Ideas program you are invited to contact Jeni on: and 0407 552 441. For more information about NORPA, visit: for details.

Image: Jeni Caffin – courtesy of NORPA