Night Slows Down

Don't Look Away Bakehouse Night Slows DownWritten as a response to recent events in global politics, Don’t Look Away and bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company presents a powerful new production by Phillip James Rouse, Night Slows Down at the Kings Cross Theatre from 17 November 2017.

Night Slows Down imagines a world where far right extremists have won the election. Where ordinary citizens riot in the streets and human rights are denied. On the horizon, storms clouds are gathering. In the face of a dying democracy, the vilification of experts and looming environmental disaster – Night Slows Down sees the scale of the problems we face globally, telescoped down to a single family.

Sharon wants to find her husband. Martin (Johnny Nasser – The Ham Funeral) wants to be free. Seth’s hatred has been manipulated and weaponised. We watch as they make choices anyone might make, and the devastating unexpected repercussions these choices have on the future.

Written and directed by acclaimed Sydney theatre-maker, Phillip James Rouse (Inner Voices, A Property of the Clan, The Legend of King O’Malley), Night Slows Down features Danielle King (No End of Blame), Andre de Vany (The Rover) and Johnny Nasser (The Ham Funeral).

“Night Slows Down explores how the choices of everyday people reflect grand failures of governance that ultimately can lead to a disaster point. How failures and compromises can and will affect our future,” said Rouse.

“The show sees the corrosion of government, visa detainees become state labour forces, exasperated experts try to avert disasters and entire cities destroyed. It imagines a world that is potentially only a moment away, and a tragedy that may be too late to avoid!”

Joining together for the first time, Don’t Look Away (the smash hit independent show Inner Voices; nominated for seven Sydney Theatre Awards) and bAKEHOUSE (political powerhouse productions The Laden Table and Jatinga), will bring this thought-provoking world-premiere to the KXT stage, examining the principles we break to protect those we love.

“This play was programmed for KXT before it was written, when it was just an idea,” said Suzanne Millar, Co-Artistic Director of bAKEHOUSE. “Our faith in Phil’s ability to speak about what is happening in the world right at this moment has proved to be a risk worth taking: Night Slows Down seems ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.”

Writer and Director: Phillip James Rouse Featuring: Andre de Vanney, Danielle King, Johnny Nasser Production Design: Anna Gardiner and Martelle Hunt Lighting Design: Sian James-Holland Dramaturg: Nell Ranney Assistant Director: Chantelle Jamieson

Night Slows Down 
Kings Cross Theatre – Kings Cross Hotel, 244 – 248 William Street, Kings Cross
Season: 17 November – 9 December 2017
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