New exhibition explores our ancient connection with nature

Catriona Pollard Contemporary sculptural basketryExploring the potential of all possibilities through the lens of nature, Fluidity is body of work by acclaimed artists Catriona Pollard and Karen Visser which applies a fluid perspective to nature and explores form and texture in two very different ways: sculpture using foraged natural materials and photography that paints nature with light.

The exhibition, by two of Sydney’s most promising visual artists, who have been recognised for their compelling work, will offer a visual feast that will prompt the viewer to ponder nature and its power over our psyche. Both artists believe that often we only see what we want to see: visions that match our fixed beliefs and perspectives and anything that is defined in a limited way is open to transformation.

Objects and views are fluid, whether this is discarded branches and vines or spectacular coastline seen through new light. Being deeply connected to the natural world around them, both artists use their art forms to comment on society’s connection and disconnection with it.

Fibre artist, Catriona Pollard uses foraged or discarded organic material to weave sculptures that honour and worship the earth beneath our feet and the new growth that can emerge from it. “I use nature as a way to connect with people that goes beyond physical beauty, but touches them in a personal and profound way,” says Pollard.

Transforming discarded organic material into sculptures forces people to view the natural world around them in a different way. It adds a layer of wonder and contemplative engagement. It leads to a reflection on our inner landscape and the question of what would happen if we saw aspects of our lives in different ways,” said Ms Pollard.

Photographer, Karen Visser applies a unique perspective of the Northern Beaches coastline through photographic impressionism where she explores the ethereal atmospheric sensitivity within our natural environs. “Having always possessed a love for natural beauty and fine detail, my focus is drawn to the play of light,” says Visser.

“I relish the conversations that are stirred through the painterly blurs and brush stroke impressions, of woven layers of motion, nature that takes on human-like qualities, shadows and reflections that intrigue and fleeting light that reveals ‘invisible’ colours.”

Catriona Pollard’s work is inspired by the connection and relationship we have with our environment and the beauty it shares with us. As an accomplished contemporary sculptural basketry artist, she is gifted with the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Her work has been described as emotionally-authentic, uniquely contemporary, raw and visually stunning. She’s had a solo exhibition, been in numerous group and selected exhibitions and has been shortlisted as Emerging Artist of the Year Craft NSW and finalist numerous art prizes and awards. Pollard’s work is featured nationally in galleries, high end design spaces and private collections.

Karen Visser was given her first camera in primary school and the seeds of a lifelong passion for photography were sown. She has consistently explored methods of photography which allow her to search for moments that evoke an emotion, a feeling of poetry or music within the imagery.

Visser has studied photography in Australia and Europe, and in 2009 developed a series of ‘Intimate Botanicals’ which involved exploring scanography. Her current series of ‘Photographic Impressionism’ images explore the ethereal atmospheric sensitivity within our natural environs. Her first exhibition was held in 2013, and has since deepened her desire to share through her eyes the unrivaled natural beauty of our treasured coastlines, fascinating sculptural rockscapes and diverse natural bush.

Creative Space, 105 Abbott Street, North Curl Curl
Exhibition continues to 28 May 2017
Free admission

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Contemporary sculptural basketry by Catriona Pollard