MZAZA: The Birth and Death of Stars

MZAZA photo by Garen KruminsOn stage Thursday night (10 September) at the gorgeous Tivoli, the diverse group, MZAZA brought much joy to Brisbane. MZAZA are vocalist, Pauline Maudy and musicians: Anne Deksne, accordion; Goran Gajic, double bass; Greta Kelly, violin; John Robertson, guitar; and Jordan Stamos, percussion.

The excellence of the musicians was evident, but it was their divine vocalist who dominated the stage and kept our eyes rivetted upon her lovely self. Clad in a floaty, long, black layered dress adorned with some bling, Pauline Maudy was a standout.

I don’t speak French, but I feel positive that her delivery in deep, rich alto was perfectly fluent. It was certainly captivating and definitely seductive. I’ve been to Paris and her voice, her presentation and my lush surroundings, made me feel like I was back there. At a time when that’s not an option for any foreseeable future, it was a reminder of the past and a perhaps for the future.

The musical diversity of the entire ensemble with their varied backgrounds and instruments was another wonderful reminder that there is a whole world out there beyond the states we are locked down in. It felt a bit surreal as I noted the spoken words, “I loved you well on this lonely island.”

MZAZA were like a rich blend of something delicious and exotic I used to eat before it vanished from earth. I can’t pin them down to any specific genre but that elusiveness just adds to their appeal and the experience I had that night at The Tivoli. The rapturous applause of the delighted audience said it all.

MZAZA: The Birth and Death of Stars
The Tivoli, 52 Costin Street, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane)
Performance: Thursday 10 September 2020 – 7.00pm

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Pauline Maudy and Greta Keely perform in MZAZA – photo by Garen Krumins

Review: Michele-Rose Boylan