Mysterious Al transforms trash into immersive exhibition HUMAN NATURE

AAR-Mysterious-Al-HUMAN-NATUREIn the two years since his blockbuster Melbourne exhibition, SPOOKHOUSE, Mysterious Al has been busy. After completing a full artistic takeover of the new Lyf hotel in Collingwood and producing a sell-out collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, Al is back with HUMAN NATURE – a tongue-in-cheek immersive exhibition that looks at the dirtier side of humanity.

HUMAN NATURE will take over a Collingwood location in Melbourne. Opening tonight and running to Sunday 29 October for people of all ages, the exhibition follows Al’s history of hosting art exhibitions in unusual spaces.

“I moved house which means I now live down the road from a KFC drive-through” says Al. “I ended up getting inspired by the litter in my neighbour’s front garden. Their flowers had just managed to bloom, only to be hit in the face by a KFC bucket. It was strangely poetic.”

Al is characteristically mysterious about the contents of the show, but audiences can expect an immersive experience featuring installations, paintings, paper works and affordable prints, all available for purchase. “Expect the unexpected” he says, with a smile.

Mysterious Al is part of street-art’s fabric. The London-born, Melbourne-based artist has previously hosted art experiences in the likes of a derelict warehouse, an art exhibition inside a fairground ghost train and a secret rave hidden behind a wall at a festival.

Al rose to fame in the early 2000’s through the explosion of street art, developing a notoriety for his colourful, energetic works. His work has shown extensively at galleries and art fairs worldwide and he has collaborated with major brands such as Levis, Vans, Carhartt, Adidas, Eastpak and more.

Al’s work has changed dramatically from his early beginnings. His painted ‘portraits’ are influenced by ancient tribal masks, reimagined in wild contemporary colours. His work is striking; at first glance it’s humorous, but look closer and there’s something more vulnerable or melancholy. There’s always something more behind the smile.

“Although there’s a lot of spontaneity and energy in my work, I draw reference from a rich history of method and colour,” says Al. “I like the practice of taking shapes and marks that are created spontaneously and wrangling them into line. Making order out of chaos.”

HUMAN NATURE sees Al’s return to Collingwood, a stone’s throw from the site of his old studio, which is now Lyf Hotel. It’s the site of his largest mural to date and one of the biggest in the city. The free HUMAN NATURE exhibition runs for one weekend only – bookings are essential.

Location: 4 – 12 Langridge Street, Collingwood
Exhibition continues to 29 October 2023
Free entry – bookings essential

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Mysterious Al presents the immersive exhibition, HUMAN NATURE (supplied)