My Life in Boxes – Gravity Dolls

My Life in Boxes_editorialPresented by the Gravity Dolls, My Life in Boxes unpacks the story of a pathological hoarder uprooted from her carefully constructed existence and placed into palliative care. As coveted items are unearthed, life-defining moments are animated with magical realism, and memories take on new meanings in her final stages of life.

Performed in, around and above the audience, performers Tim Rutty and Tarah Carey challenge the laws of gravity as the story unfolds between the past and the present, the ground and the air, in an imaginarium coloured by circus, movement and spoken word.

Gravity Dolls is a new collaboration between Tim and Tarah. The pair was first introduced in 2012 when a mutual work and study place brought them together. After developing respect and appreciation for each other’s work, the pair investigated the possibility of collaborating to blend their passions for theatre and circus.

This passion sparked a vision to create stories that encompass the entire performance space, challenging the laws of gravity and invoking a sense of magical realism in their play.

Director: Maude Davey  Featuring: Tarah Carey & Tim Rutty  Set & Costume Design: Kim Ritchie  Sound Design: Guy Dowsett

My Life in Boxes – Gravity Dolls
The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport
Season: 17 – 22 September 2014

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Image: Tarah Carey & Tim Rutty