Moving Tigers

Moving Tigers by Bob FranklinJean and her boyfriend travel to Nepal on a volunteering holiday, a Himalayan adventure and a chance to find themselves. But instead Jean finds herself tumbling into a vivid and unexplained psychosis.

In traditional Nepalese game Moving Tigers, tigers hunt goats while the goats choke the tigers’ moves. Jean can’t work out if she’s being hunted or choked, or who is friend or foe.

The cracks in her personality rupture, the chinks in her relationship become gaping holes, and Jean falls into the jaws of a catastrophe.

Bob Franklin is a highly regarded stand-up comic, writer, actor and director. He has had roles in The Librarians, Thank God You’re Here, Boytown and Bad Eggs. In 2012 he published the highly regarded collection of short stories Under Stones. Moving Tigers is his first novel.

Published by Affirm Press, Moving Tigers is available at leading book retailers including Bookworld. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Moving Tigers by Bob Franklin