Mother Courage and Her Children

Mother Courage 2The epic morality tale Mother Courage and Her Children is told in a stunning new translation by Queensland Theatre Company with leading Australian actors Ursula Yovich & David Page in the lead and supported by an all-star, all-indigenous cast.

Bertolt Brecht’s epic morality tale about the ravages of war is given a unique twist by QTC Artistic Director Wesley Enoch and Paula Nazarski in a dazzling new translation.

Instead of the Thirty Years’ War of 1600s Europe, this near-future incarnation of the age-old story is set against the bleak backdrop of a post-apocalyptic desert where Mad Max might be at home – an Australia ravaged by devastating conflict, where life is cheap but business is still business.

In a truly marque role for any actor, Ursula Yovich is the titular canteen-wagon mistress, shrewdly driving hard bargains as she shepherds her brood of three through this unforgiving, harsh wilderness. With an all-Indigenous cast, this fresh spin on Brecht’s play delicately folds in themes of land ownership, the impact of mining and the Stolen Generation.

“Mother Courage is a real highlight of Season 2013 – one which shines the light on home grown talents and is dedicated to creating theatrical moments of national importance across a world of love, art, laughter, drama, catharsis, glamour, song and adventure,” said QTC Artistic Director Wesley Enoch.

Director: Wesley Enoch  Featuring: Ursula Yovich, David Page, Chenoa Deemal, Luke Carroll, Eliah Watego, Michael Tuahine, Roxanne McDonald, Mark Atkins, George Bostock, Paula Nazarski, Dave Dow, Robert Preston  Composer/Musical Director: John Rodgers  Designer: Christina Smith  Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes

Mother Courage and Her Children
Playhouse – Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Southbank Brisbane
Season continues to 16 June 2013
Bookings: 1800 355 528 or online at:

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Ursula Yovich as Mother Courage

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