TW-Lucy-Ansell-and-Adam-Noviello-star-in-MOTH-by-Declan-Greene-photo-by-Daniel-RabinTheatre Work’s production of Declan Green’s Moth is pretty much as close to theatrical perfection as possible.

Sebastian is bitterly unpopular and he doesn’t seem to care, until he does. Claryssa just wants to be left alone but refuses to back down from a fight. Together they form a friendship that is as flawed as it is formidable, weathering the temperamental storm of adolescence and enduring the wicked and unkind world of high school.

Adam Noviello embodies the character of Sebastian with unbridled passion and energy. From the first moment the light hits them, Noviello never falters or fails to capture a moment, effortlessly bringing to the stage the complexities of a bullied teenager.

Lucy Ansell is an absolute revelation, stalking the stage with an enviable presence and delivering a performance very few can aspire to. The pairing of Noviello and Ansell brings to the stage an utterly flawless duo, who reveal in the world of the play, challenge each other and bring an electric intensity that an audience can not look away from.

Briony Dunn’s direction and insight establishes, without question, why she is arguably the right director for this work. Dunn carefully and meticulously crafts each moment of the work, intimately knowing exactly what is needed to elevate the writing and further immerse the performers and audience into the world.

Declan Greene’s writing is more timely than timeless, capturing a time period that evokes nostalgia while highlighting the ongoing plight of the bullied.

Niklas Pajanti’s lighting, Darrin Verhagen’s sound and Betty Auhl’s costume designs seamlessly work in unison to create a multifaceted world and enhance the magical realism of the text. The attention to detail from the design team is second to none, with a sumptuous world of wonder laid out for the audience to discover and devour.

Moth is a brilliant example of what is capable when the theatre stars align. Not only is it a must see but it is a brilliant must do bench mark for Theatre Works future endeavours.

Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda
Performance: Saturday 20 May 2023
Season continues to 3 June 2023
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Image: Lucy Ansell and Adam Noviello star in MOTH by Declan Greene – photo by Daniel Rabin

Review: Gavin Roach