MICF: The 28th Annual Great Debate

MICF Tom Ballard Rhys Nicholson - photo by Jim LeeThe 28th annual Great Debate topic That You’ve Gotta Fake News To Make News will be battled out for your entertainment on Saturday 15 April at Melbourne Town Hall, with the charming and devilish British comedian Stephen K Amos in the moderator’s chair.

In the affirmative corner this year is the youthful and brilliant Tom Ballard (Team Captain), Barry-award-nominated Canadian/American DeAnne Smith and the UK’s master of satire Andy Zaltzman.

Fighting from the negative corner is award-winning comedian, musician and writer Sammy J (Team Captain), Caribbean-born, New York based comedian and writer Janelle James and the impeccable sartorialist with a smart mouth, Rhys Nicholson.

The Great Debate – where critical thinking and comic timing collide (and no comedian EVER lets logic get in the way of a laugh). Mel Buttle, star of Lifestyle Food’s smash hit show Great Australian Bake Off, is our special audience correspondent and pollster.

A Festival sell out event every year, opinions at The Great Debate will be flying as our six comedians step into the metaphorical ring to trade verbal blows, insults, arguments, and perhaps some songs. It’s a debate, sure, just not the one you remember from your high school years.

Over 27 previous years of antics, we’ve seen some truly special moments… Rich Hall (USA) riding a camel, 40 tiny Ross Noble’s (UK) dancing on stage, Hamish Blake using ‘science’ / a lingerie-wearing model to prove a point, Greg Fleet pouring two litres of milk all over his bare torso and Janeane Garofalo (USA) using reason and logic to actually debate an issue! Who knows what 2017 will deliver.

The 2017 Great Debate will be filmed by ABC TV and broadcast on Monday 17 April at 8.30pm. For more information, visit: www.comedyfestival.com.au for details.

Image: Tom Ballard and Rhys Nicholson to star in the 28th annual Great Debate – photo by Jim Lee