MICF: Rose Callaghan – 12 Rules for Life

MICF2019 Rose Callaghan12 Rules for Life is a charming, sarcastic – not-to-mention goddamn funny – stand-up set by comedian, Rose Callaghan. Over the hour-ish, Rose focuses on burning down the misogynistic, faux-philosophy of Jordan Peterson, before building her own set of rules on the ashes informed in no small part by recent revival of Queer Eye.

If you prefer your wit to be a cocktail of dry and sharp, then Rose was a tall glass of it. Casual, without ever meandering, Rose wove into her main premise hilarious stories of friendship, love, and issues with the size of moon cups.

In the smaller space at Mantra, there’s less distance or theatre to hide behind, which Rose handled well with occasional interactions and banter with the audience. It’s vital for an audience to be present, yet relaxed, if everyone’s going to have a good time and this mood was there and sustained from the time Rose came onstage.

Much like Melbourne Fringe, the MICF gives an incredible opportunity for discovery and stumbling on terrific performers you might not otherwise be exposed to. There’s not many empty seats where Rose is playing, but she deserves to have them filled for what is an entertaining hour of humour and heart.

Rose Callaghan – 12 Rules for Life
Mantra on Russell, 222 Russell Street, Melbourne
Performance: Friday 19 April 2019 – 7.15pm
Season ended
Information: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Rose also performs 12 Rules for Life at the Sydney Comedy Festival: 9 – 11 May 2019.

Image: Rose Callaghan (supplied)

Review: David Collins