MICF: Lexipalooza!

MICF Lexipalooza Lexi SimmondsLexipalooza! features Lexi Simmonds and Pete Batt and some fine musical comedy. Zero pretensions, but oodles of charm, Lexi and Pete meander their way through songs, ukulele destruction, and even an unexpected magic trick at the very end.

The seams were very much showing on opening night. To be sure, this adds to the charm, but there needs to be care that not too much focus is lost. The line between relaxed and sluggish can sometimes get very thin. Band T-shirts, Please Give Up Drugs, and Never Been That Lucky In Love were highlights, along with some excellent wee guitar playing.

Lexi and Pete have a great presence and energy on stage. For all the big, bombastic shows across the city during the festival, it’s nice to be able to sit close to performers that eschew loud volume and gestures for a more genuine connection.

The Owl and Cat, 34 Swan Street, Richmond
Performance: Monday 17 April 2017 – 9.00pm
Information: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Lexi Simmonds (supplied)

Review: David Collins