MICF: Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Disappointments

MICF Judith Lucy & Denise ScottThe downside of being around long enough to become a comedy veteran is reaching middle age. Fortunately (well, mostly), we have Judith Lucy and Denise Scott to share their thoughts on adjusting to this in a return season of Disappointments.

We begin with a multimedia package in which Denise, then Judith, tell their legions of Facebook followers how wonderful and blessed their lives are. Shortly afterwards the stage lights came up, showing us the duo wearing nighties in bed because they’re too exhausted for “stand up” and now prefer “lie down comedy”.

They’re not too tired to have a go at their audience at this 4:30pm show, taunting us about being able to get home in time for Grand Designs. On occasion, Scott and Lucy would set their sights on the crowd, seeking to find common ground by exploring difficulties or taboos, or just slagging off nostalgia, but more often applying some quick-witted ridicule.

Each comedian had their own individual spots to talk about matters such as challenges in their lives and the irritations of getting older. Judging from the pitch of the regular laughter, frequent descriptions of what time does to a woman’s body had much greater appeal to those who could relate. After a few seasons of Disappointments, this could explain why women made up the majority of the audience.

If you don’t mind a bit of uncomfortable “oversharing” though, Disappointments has more up its sleeve than your regular stand-up comedy offering. First off, the pairing is a little unusual. Scott and Lucy are very different people; the former having a long-time partner and children, the latter has had more of a “rock and roll” lifestyle.

Comedy’s a competitive business, and this pair weren’t above a little professional jealousy. A confrontation and exchange of insults that followed provided good laughs as it took us in a different, darker direction than we might have expected. It’s only fitting that these two women of remarkable endurance in the tough world of comedy do reach some greater self-awareness. There is a take-home message to the show …  even if it’s gifted to us in ridiculous wrapping.

Following a vigorous round of applause at the finale, people filed out of the comedy theatre (and into the broad daylight) with beaming smiles. It’s clear that Scott and Lucy converted their Disappointments into glee for the audience.

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Disappointments
Comedy Theatre, 240 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Performance: Sunday 8 April 2018 – 4:30pm
Season continues to 22 April 2018
Information and Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Judith Lucy & Denise Scott (supplied)

Review: Jason Whyte