MICF: Jess Perkins & Naomi Higgins – Twins

MICF Twins Jess Perkins & Naomi HigginsComedians Jess Perkins & Naomi Higgins come onto the stage looking for a fight. They stand toe-to-toe, fists up and strike a classic pre-match pose, before retiring to the wings to await the main event.

Jess Perkins was first, her relaxed demeanour a nice fit for her humour. Stories of navigating family and growing up and about bad jobs can feel tired and clichéd in less-experienced hands. And, while both comics are still both relatively new to the comedy scene (as the crib-notes on the back of their hands suggests), Jess attacked her material with a fresh voice and presence.

Naomi’s set had more black humour, which contrasted well with her jaunty tone. Some anecdotes didn’t land as well as others, but a funny story about exploring the darker side of the Habbo Hotel as a child garnered the largest reaction from the audience of the night.

That might give the impression that some part of Jess’ and Naomi’s sets tied into the intro – an amusing call back to the idea they’re in competition against each other – but they never did (Faux ham covered with Drake’s face notwithstanding). They didn’t necessarily have to do something like that, but the ending of the show overall did stumble to a halt a bit. After a couple of solid stand-up routines, what was needed was a stronger, more satisfying finish.

Jess Perkins & Naomi Higgins – Twins
Aphrodite’s Room – Greek Centre, Cnr Lonsdale & Russell Streets, Melbourne
Performance: Friday 14 April 2017 – 6.15pm
Season continues to 23 April 2017
Information and Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Jess Perkins & Naomi Higgins (supplied)

Review: David Collins