MICF: Geoff Setty & Danny Stinson – Comic Conned

MICF Comic ConnedThere’s a nice shape to Comic Conned, with music a strong presence both at beginning and end. To be honest, any show that opens with Bonnie Tyler singing, Holding Out For A Hero is going to have to work hard to get me offboard.

Geoff Setty and Danny Stinson start with a strong premise: The city’s super hero is being celebrated, but in walks his arch nemesis – who has also booked the venue for the same time. Rather than take it out on management, they instead attempt to share the stage, relating to the audience the ‘truth’ of their various encounters to up this moment.

While there was no shortage of comedic ideas, the realisation of those ideas needed more work. If the hero is there expecting to be lauded on, it may have worked better if Danny had been more smartly dressed; to contrast Geoff’s rougher, fresh from prison look.

I’m sure the guys have put pen to paper, but too much of their banter between jokes and set pieces felt under-rehearsed, giving the slight impression they couldn’t remember where the show was going at times.

Also, pauses at the start and finish, from dashing to the back of the venue to access the sound system, would have been saved with the introduction of a bluetooth speaker. A super hero and his evil scientist arch nemesis would surely be better prepared.

Geoff Setty & Danny Stinson – Comic Conned
Basement Cafe, 350 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
Performance: Thursday 13 April 2017  -7.30pm
Season continues to 22 April 2017
Information and Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Comic Conned

Review: David Collins