MICF: Flo & Joan – Alive On Stage

MICF19 Flo & Joan - Alive On Stage AAREnglish musical comedy duo Flo & Joan have recently earned awards on the UK comedy circuit. They’re also sisters (yes, really!) and very, very funny. Their offering Alive On Stage shows why their clips have racked up millions of views on social media, starting with The 2016 Song.

The pair have taken the names of their grandmother and her sister as their stage names. Everything else here is super topical, as the pair dissect many issues affecting the lives of women – either directly or through deliciously absurd fictions – with snappy lyrics in a range of styles.

Flo (brunette on keyboard) and Joan (blonde, percussion) have pleasing harmonies. Through these they achieve rapid-fire, precision targeting of (often male) bullshit with venomous lyrics. The sisters like a fair smattering of coarse language, which always seemed appropriate for the subject matter.

The show is extremely well assembled. One of the sisters would inform us on some matter, say research into what women dislike about chips, and then launch into a song that referenced this information. Laughs from the audience were loud and often, assisted by well-placed callbacks.

Through song Flo & Joan alluded to the manifestly unfair “pink tax” on products for women. (Remember those Bic pens for tiny female hands? What a hoot!). They also wrung laughs from sharing insults they’ve received online, and educating us in how to take down your trolls with a multi-year plan.

Surprises abound with songs on the latest generation of sex robots, and the ambitions of Carol the Cracker Packer, (earning a droll “Stupid!” from Joan on completion) which showed those “enviable elocution skills” promised in the MICF guide.

This well-polished show has a conclusion that is going to revolutionize the way you define “cool”. Alive On Stage is consistently and highly entertaining. You won’t do better than this snarky delight at MICF 2019.

Flo & Joan – Alive On Stage
Powder Room – Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne
Performance: Tuesday 2 April 2019 – 8:15pm
Season continues to 21 April 2019
Information and Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Flo & Joan (supplied)

Review: Jason Whyte