MICF: Eleanor Tiernan – Success Without A Sex Tape

MICF19 Eleanor Tiernan Success Without A Sex Tape - photo by Idil Sukan/Draw HQGiven the negative sentiment of Success Without a Sex Tape, it seems appropriate that this is a pretty clean offering by Irish comic Eleanor Tiernan.

Tiernan last appeared at MICF in the showcase New Order of 2018. Perhaps the show’s title should end in a question mark, as here Tiernan ponders whether or not she can be successful without releasing some bedroom exploits for public consumption.

Her assessment of the pros and cons of being an “early adopter” and getting a tape out before her group of friends was amusing. Tiernan also has a slightly different take on that familiar trope of how repressed the Irish are.

There were detours into the effects of social media on our mental health, trying to find validation in a Cat Café, and the need to take control of your finances. Some bits reinforced the intended narrative better than others.

The gags went over pretty well with a few in the house, but the return of laughs for dollars wasn’t huge here, especially judged against other shows I’ve seen at MICF 2019. Over-explaining a joke that was neither particularly cryptic nor novel didn’t help the momentum either.

This was unfortunate as Tiernan has a polished delivery and used her expressive face well to underscore some of her trials.

Eleanor Tiernan – Success Without a Sex Tape
Studio – ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne
Performance: Tuesday 2 April 2019 – 7.00pm
Season continues to 21 April 2019
Information and Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Eleanor Tiernan – photo by Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

Review: Jason Whyte