Metanoia Theatre announces 2016 Live Works Season

Metanoia Lauren Simmonds UnseenCommitted to diversity and innovation in contemporary performance, Metanoia Theatre presents their first season of Live Works showcasing a series of avant-garde live art pieces at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute from June to August 2016.

Speculative Subject
25 June, 2 & 9 July 
A performance concerning the potential of it’s own being and doing; a hypothetical; a temporary breakdown of reality. This new work is an annihilation of the real, simultaneously producing new realities relentlessly. This is choreography void of function, indifferent to beauty, against the consolidation of the known. The performance fosters the possibility of experiencing, operating on the level of perception rather than knowledge.

Copy, Cut, Post
25 June – 10 July
Responding to the call to explore our instant click and post culture of social media and online identity creation – 10 female artists have been challenged to create an artwork in just one day. Led by Paula van Beek, Copy, Cut, Post is an experiment exploring the evolution of our own relationship to self and image. The artists have one day to create their own artwork which confronts the complexity of making meaningful self-portraits in this disposable digital age.

New York Baby Ra-Ra-Ra
1 – 3 July
In the form of a multimedia performance lecture on the transmission of choreography, Shian Law excavates and re-enacts the memory of Phillip Adams’ Grey Area. The performance follows the formal design of the original choreography to create an encounter with the original work in the current socio-political context.

The Spectre of Death Looms Large Despite the Variable Messages Being Inevitable (aka the Chairs)
2 & 3 July
A durational performance exploring the absurdity and cruelty of live performance inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist play The Chairs, House of Vnholy will attempt to stage an event. This will be set up over a three hour durational period where the audience will be welcomed to come and go as they please while two performers attempt to create a spectacle – an event to end all events!

9 & 10 July
Through sculpture, sound and movement, visual artist Lauren Simmonds examines the patterns, habits and rituals which escape conscious awareness yet connect and confound humankind. Simmonds works with everyday materials which she activates in playful ways to change their inherent language to accentuate their innate qualities and untapped beauty.

Milk Bars
27 July – 6 August
The iconic Australian milk bar – mixed lollies, new migrants, love stories and newspapers – everyone has a milk bar story. This new venue-wide performance installation engages eight innovative artists and designers in good old-fashioned contemporary milk bar encounters.

“Metanoia are excited to present such a diverse range of experimental and hybrid works from so many great artists,” says Gorkem Acaroglu, Creative Director Metanoia Theatre.

Metanoia Live Works
Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Season: 25 June – 6 August 2016
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Image: Lauren Simmonds Unseen (supplied)