Metadata Moths & Mathematics - photo by Sam JamesFORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres presents Metadata – an immersive work from the acclaimed dance performance company, De Quincey Co, that includes two works, Pure Light and Moths & Mathematics, created by leading Australian dance, video, sound and animation artists.

The two works probe the latest developments in physics and cosmology, with the artists exploring a world of colour, sound, particles and impermanence. Metadata will see audiences delve into an intimate yet epic world where the intangible materialises.

Pure Light is a space is sculpted by light that reverberates with colour and explores impermanence. Fields of visual and sound particles seep into shimmering surfaces and architectural planes. Subtle combines with ironic twists to mock tradition and capture pure feeling. Moths & Mathematics unfolds as rigorous and simple, yet complex and multifaceted. This is a world of correlations and disturbances, where tempestuous weather and empathetic calms shape vital rhythms and harmonics.

“We are already being danced by nature in our heartbeat, our breath and the pattern of our walking. Our molecules move us according to physics we don’t necessarily understand but feel in harmony with,” said choreographer and performer Peter Fraser. “Tess and I wanted to make performances that are informed by the underlying physical and mathematical patterns that already determine and shape our lives and possibilities.”

For over 15 years, De Quincey Co has been producing cross-disciplinary works of exceptional quality that push the boundaries of dance. Their works are consistently well reviewed including the most recent, Moondance, which received four and a half stars from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Following each Metadata performance, audiences will be invited to take part in an Arts-Science Exchange, where the artists and selected guest scientists discuss some of the latest scientific developments in the context of the performance.

Guests scientists include the Professor of Astrophysics at The University of Sydney’s Institute for Astronomy, Prof. Geraint F Lewis and Associate Professor at The University of Sydney’s School of Physics, Dr Maryanne Large. The Exchange will be facilitated by Ian Maxwell, Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at The University of Sydney.

“The aim of the Exchange is to find what connections and understandings can be made between a scientific way of exploring the world and a more intuitive, instinctive and subjective take on our world,” said choreographer and performer Tess de Quincey. “We felt it vital to engage with scientists who work with understanding natural phenomena as part of their daily life, and to also draw our audiences into this discussion as contributors.”

FORM Dance Projects is a dynamic hub for Australian contemporary dance, based in Parramatta, Western Sydney. Since 2011, it has grown into one of Australia’s leading dance presenters. FORM’s program spans five key areas – presentation, producing, education, community engagement and audience development.

Its aim is to support Australian choreographers in all stages of their career; develop artists’ national profiles; provide valuable professional development opportunities; engage with the local community, including young people and cultural performers from Western Sydney, in meaningful ways; and connect with audiences.

Choreographers and performers: Tess de Quincey, Peter Fraser Sound: Pimmon & Warren Burt Animation: Boris Morris Bagattini Video: Martin Fox Lighting Design: Sian James-Holland & Liam O’Keefe Costume: Claire Westwood

Lennox Theatre – Riverside Theatres, Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta
Performances: 15 – 17 September 2016
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Image: Moths & Mathematics – photo by Sam James