MEMORANDUM_LeoDaleMemory is monstrous, wilful, unreliable, and often untrue. In Memorandum, solo performer Kate Hunter lays bare the gothic, peculiar, and slightly neurotic world of remembering and forgetting. Part memoir, part poem, part kaddish, this darkly humorous hybrid performance work examines how truths and fictions unknowingly intertwine.

Memorandum exposes the weirdness of memory – with all its disturbing underparts – using digital projections on walls and scrims, live storytelling, old slide projectors, close audience encounters, torchlight and the live body.

Kate Hunter repeats, deconstructs and recomposes stories and fluttered shreds of recollection. Sounds of memory, from the gentle river eddies and high calls of bats and birds to the raspy breath of the Man In The Hallway, suspend and seduce the audience.

From moment to moment, as events are experienced, recalled and retold to others, we manipulate the facts to suit ourselves. In your final moments, how will you catalogue your life?

Kate Hunter is a performance-­maker and researcher who makes inter-­disciplinary work that is stimulated by investigations into cognitive neuroscience, the body, the senses, diseases and dying, autobiography, talking to herself, sadness, and the strange territory of memory.

Her solo works include Pearl Diver and Alchemy, she is Artistic Associate with physical theatre company Born in a Taxi and was guest choreographer for Dance Massive’s 180 Seconds of (Disco) Heaven or Hell, which featured her idiosyncratic ballet style. She has trained with director Anne Bogart and the SITI Company in Melbourne and New York.

Concept, creation, audio-visual design, performance: Kate Hunter  Lighting design: Richard Vabre

Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda
Season: 20 May – 1 June 2014
Bookings: (03) 9534 3388 or online at:

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Image: by Leo Dale