Memoir of a Tired Carer

MF21-Memoir-of-a-Tired-Carer-Oliver-BaileyMemoir of a Tired Carer is a gut wrenching tour de force around one individual’s daily struggle to care for and care about a collapsing aged care sector.

With COVID-19 shining a harsh light onto the aged care sector, reminding many of the flaws and the exhausting hours worked by nurses and carers, now has never been a better time to share their stories, keep the conversations going and lay some truths bare for all to see. And this work does just that.

Pivoting from a live work to a radio play, the production loses none of its intensity, raw and brutal honesty nor its sparks of cheekiness and hope.

There is always hope at the core of the work – hope that today will be better, hope that the patients will get better care and hope that someone somewhere will make a real and meaningful change.

Oliver Bailey’s writing is stunningly frank and upfront – everything is laid bare and yet Bailey manages to inject layers of empathy, compassion and heart into the bleakest of moments.

Bailey also performs the work, with his delivery equally matching the script’s rollercoaster of emotions. Vivid imagery is painted by Bailey’s soft slow cadence, as they bring to life a multitude of characters that feel complex, flawed, courageous and very real.

Fingers crossed that this work is able to be performed live in the near future as one can only imagine the range and physical connection to each character that Bailey will be able to produce on stage.

Though this work’s subject matter is difficult to digest, it forces audiences to confront and focus on issues that the media and government has oft too long swept under the rug.

Oliver Bailey has given this year’s fringe a work of the utmost importance and it is up to each and every one of us not to shy away.

Memoir of a Tired Carer
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Image: Oliver Bailey in Memoir of a Tired Carer (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach