Melbourne Fringe – Untitled No. 7

MF Telia Nevile Untitled No 7Telia Nevile is a beautifully empathic performer and an effervescent burst of joy. Untitled No.7 tells the story of Darling, a wide eyed and hopeful young sprite who is blessed/cursed with the gift of potential.

Thrust into the wide world, Darling walks down the tricky path of youth into the forest of adulthood and comes face to face with the pitfalls and perils that life can bring. Bouncing from prose, to insightful quotes, pop up dance breaks and one of the most glorious moments of interpretive dance that has been seen on stage in a long time, Darling’s journey through life is as wild as it is fraught.

The key to this performance is the heartfelt and earnest delivery. Telia is an exceptional wordsmith – taking the audience on a verbal journey, with a twinkle in her eye and a wry smirk upon her lips. Nothing is held back or glossed over, with the more harsh aspects of the story told with gentle but cunning metaphor. This really is a performance from someone at the top of their game.

If you have ever experienced self-doubt and crippling indecision or thought that maybe, just maybe, you aren’t where your 8 year old self thought you would be, then this is the show for you.

Performers like Telia are what Melbourne’s theatrical landscape are crying out for. Hopefully this show will continue to develop and grow and one day, very soon, we will see Telia taking her heartfelt and powerful work to wider audiences.

Untitled No. 7
Warehouse – Arts House, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Performance: Sunday 16 September 2018 – 7.00pm
Season continues to 21 September 2018
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Image: Telia Nevile (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach