Melbourne Fringe: The Boy, George

MF Patrick Livesey stars in The Boy, GeorgeIf you want some hilarious and witty storytelling, then this show has it in spades. In The Boy, George, we meet George, Prince George, the Prince George whose birth stopped a nation. Swaddled in millennial pink, this prince is not just fabulous, he’s regally fabulous…but not for long.

The Queen has died, and with her, the monarchy. But George has a plan. A plan that will fix everything. A plan that he has devoted all his precious time to. A plan that will put him firmly in the centre of the story and straight into the hearts of the people.

What follows is an intelligently camp spin on what it takes to be a royal in this digital age. George knows that if you are going to be of any influence, first you must be an influencer.

Patrick Livesey’s portrayal of Prince George is marvellous. He holds the audience in the palm of his hand as he builds the story with each fantastically written paragraph. His comic timing is exceptional, whether it is with a cheeky wink or the flick of a wrist, Patrick perfectly embodies the frantic but painfully privileged Prince.

The Boy, George is a brilliantly fast paced witty romp, highly recommended for Monarchists and Republicans alike. It is a worthy debut for creator and performer Patrick Livesey and should, neigh must, grace the stage again for a second run in the not too distant future.

The Boy, George
Errol’s & Co, 69-71 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Performance: Sunday 23 September 2018 – 9.30pm
Season continues to 25 September 2018
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Image: Patrick Livesey stars in The Boy, George (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach