Melbourne Fringe: Hook Turn

Kin Collective Hook Turn Motherless MelbourneHook Turn by Kin Collective is an assortment of six new vignettes aiming to give “a night of love, loss and laughter”. All referenced by that peculiarly Melbourne traffic manoeuvre of turning right from the left lane.

This contrivance is far from convincing, with the hook turn being merely mentioned in some pieces, or playing a fairly insubstantial role in others. Worse, characters rambling on about some belief, only to abruptly U-turn near the end of their spiel, defied credibility.

Inconsistencies, repetition or unlikely resolutions drew attention away from the performances and towards the variable quality of the writing. Things aren’t travelling along so well when a 10-minute piece seems unable to get out of second gear. And those efforts that moved along more crisply often lacked substance.

Despite such limitations, performances by Marg Downey and Christopher Bunworth were capable. A highlight was the ability of Michala Banas to capture that complexity of emotions when the recollection of a happy memory entrains a sad one. Overall though, it’s unfortunate that the quality aspects of the performance were forced to ride in such an unsatisfying vehicle.

Melbourne Fringe: Hook Turn
Rehearsal Room – North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Performance: Friday 25 September 2015
Season continues to 3 October 2015

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Image: photo courtesy of Kin Collective

Review: Jason Whyte