Melbourne Fringe: Circus-Cision

Circus-CisionHead First Acrobatics were scheduled to bring their award-winning show Elixir to Melbourne Fringe 2018. Due to an injury, instead we got Circus-Cision – a variety show of “Those that made the cut!”.

MCed by Cal Harris, Circus-Cision seemed aimed at a younger market who like some dick jokes and general smut with their circus (yawn!). Once we got past this in the introduction, the show had a diversity of good acts. This is pleasing as shows that don’t advertise their line-up can be patchy.

Some may have seen Malia Walsh’s hoop act with marshmallow chewing before, but now her character is not chemically impaired. It was a high-energy start to the night.

Magician Dom Chambers had some nifty illusions and “How did he do that?” moments whilst making some observations on the development of stage magic over time. It was unfortunate that inadequate sound and misdirected lighting somewhat disrupted his set, and our appreciation of it.

Petite but powerful Annalise showed impressive strength and control as she negotiated her way around hand balancing stands arranged in a triangle. The longest segment was given to Mr Fish who combined some sharp banter and innuendo with physical comedy and seemingly injury-tempting efforts at balancing and juggling on a 10-foot-high unicycle.

The show concluded with a combination of a Game of Thrones tribute and partner balancing where Harris was joined by cross-dressing Thomas Gorham. The pair took the opportunity afforded by their costumes for some goofy comedy. Still, it was a remarkable set from two strong dudes who must have Herculean core strength to hold their positions with such stillness.

Following this opening night, only one show remains in Circus-Cision’s Melbourne Fringe season. It is a cut above many of the circus variety shows of recent times.

Main Theatre – Lithuanian Club, 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Performance: Saturday 22 September 2018 – 9:30pm
Season continues to 23 September 2018
Information and Bookings:

Image: Circus-Cision – courtesy of Head First Acrobats

Review: Jason Whyte