Melbourne Fringe: Charlie

Bhumi-Collective-Charlie-Victoria-ChenCharlie is a highly recommended reflection on ones self through the eyes of a stranger. Charlie is a performance perfectly suited to this years mostly digital fringe. From the moment the instructions roll across the screen, the excitement and anticipation take hold and beg for the work to begin.

The screen soon opens onto a white room and we meet Charlie. She has been raised in this one room, knowing nothing of the outside world – you are the first person that they have ever met. Seems simple enough but I soon found out what a daunting reality that is.

Charlie is warm and friendly and soon we spoke about where I am and why my bedroom was called a bedroom. I made the mistake of mentioning money, something that Charlie wanted more answers too, and I ended up down a rabbit hole laughing at myself trying to explain money and it’s worth.

Charlie is a brilliant reflection on language, privilege and how we communicate – though it lasted 15 minutes, the time I spent with Charlie is still on my mind. Charlie’s innocence and curiosity shone a light on what I longer question and how easily I gave up being curious of the world around me.

I cannot recommend this work more highly – it is a soothing balm to a turbulent year and a very welcome addition to the fringe line up.

Melbourne Fringe Digital Program
Performance: Saturday 14 November 2020
Season continues to 28 November 2020

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Victoria Chen features in Charlie – courtesy of Bhumi Collective

Review: Gavin Roach