Mel & Sam: Shit-Wrecked!

MICF-Samantha-Andrew-and-Mel-O’Brien-star-in-Shit-Wrecked!Mel & Sam’s Shit-Wrecked! is a wild adventure on the Spirit of Tasmania that audiences never knew they needed. Overflowing with boundless energy, glitter and a gummy bear necklace, this delightfully chaotic sketch show showcases two talented performers unashamedly celebrating themselves and their comedic repertoire.

Following on from the massive hit No Hat, No Play! The Cabaret!  Samantha Andrew and Mel O’Brien embark into second show territory, this time on the high seas.

With their well honed brand of cheeky wit and whimsy, this comedy gold duo effortlessly glides from one moment to the next with venom and glee. Nothing is off limits as the waves of cabaret crash upon Queer love/lust, NFTs, anit-vaxxers, a zeal for musical theatre and the odd ghost story.

Mel and Sam manage to avoid the second show slump – sticking to their brand of comedy but completely stirring away from rehashing what came before. Audiences can’t help but be utterly swept up in the madness as they are totally in on the joke from the start.

With absolute unabashed confidence, Mel and Sam make no excuses that things might go a little off kilter and when it does, audiences are left craving and cheering for more.

For all of the dazzling mayhem, there are a few cracks that distract from the shiny veneer. With so much explored, multiple costume changes and voice over use, it is easy for moments to feel a little disjointed and can cause the energy in the room to drop ever so slightly.

An outside eye or directorial hand may well be needed to help guide and smooth out some of the more bumpy sections of the work.

Mel & Sam’s Shit-Wrecked! is a prime example of the high calibre of local talent shining through in this year’s festival. Guaranteed to be an audience favourite, this duo is anything but “up and coming” – rather they are here, they are loud, they are brash and most of all, they are bloody funny!

Mel & Sam: Shit-Wrecked!
The Toff in Town – Curtain House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Performance: Saturday 2 April 2022
Season continues to 10 April 2022
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Image: Samantha Andrew and Mel O’Brien star in Shit-Wrecked! (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach