Me, My Cult and I

Fringe-World-Me-My-Cult-and-I-Colin-EbsworthRaised in Scarborough, Western Australia, Colin Ebsworth was born into a cult! And his story, delivered in one hour, takes the audience on a journey that has you at times laughing out loud and others gasping in disbelief and emotion.

The rapid pace of his delivery can be attributed to his diagnoses of ADHD. But his story needs to be told at such a pace as his story delves into ghosts of the past and his childhood in America and Australia.

Ebsworth’s parents belonged to the Unification Church or Moonie Cult and were matched at a mass wedding ceremony at Maddison Square Garden in New York. A match decreed by a South Korean leader who claimed to be Jesus Christ. His recount of the various rituals of the wedding ceremonies and wedding nights are common to cult activities.

Ebsworth delves into past relatives noting some of their amazing achievements. His great grandfather’s life was impressive and had one audience member interrupt Ebsworth’s flow to let him know how impressive he thought it was. It is easy to get a sense of who these people are as he projects photos of his life throughout the performance.

This show is not about blame or how terrible his life was growing up in the cult. It is the exact opposite. The tale of himself and his little brother running around naked as youngsters, pulling faces and trying to hit his sisters is an example of the good times shared in his younger years. His deep love for his family is apparent and he shares some insightful observations about love and families co-existing and living together.

When Ebsworth’s story recounts a family members mental health struggle, it is done with such sensitivity and affection that one if left with a lump in their throat. You leave Me, My Cult and I having been entertained and wanting to know more.

Me, My Cult and I
Good Will Club at The Rechabite, 224 William Street, Northbridge (until 5 February)
Upstairs at The Kalamunda Hotel, 43 Railway Road, Kalamunda (until 12 February)
Performance: Thursday 2 February, 2023
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Image: Colin Ebsworth (supplied)

Review: Craig Dalglish