Matt Galea: How to Spot the (Star) Signs

Channeling old school and new age astrology to help you navigate love, life, friends, work and everything in between, How to Spot the (Star) Signs by Matt Galea is your savvy astrology guide.

Whether you’re a devout astrologer or a toe-dipping cosmic cutie, this book will help you tap into the power of astrology to solve your daily qualms, with loads of belly laughs and self-realisations along the way.

How to Spot the (Star) Signs is your absolute guide for:

  • When you’ve planned a last-minute Tinder date and want to suss out if your signs are compatible
  • When you’ve started a new job and want to figure out how to navigate the workplace
  • When your mate is doing your head in and you’re not sure how to manage their moods

So find out if you really are as fierce as a Leo, as cunning as a Scorpio, as headstrong as a Taurus or as emotional as a Pisces! Check in and see if you really should date that Gemini or find out how to manage your Capricorn boss – it’s all written in the stars!

Matt Galea is a journalist and astrologer with over ten years of experience in Australian media. He is a trusted source in all things astrology and mysticism and is often called upon by various publications, media outlets, radio shows and podcasts as an oracle – of sorts. How to Spot the (Star) Signs is his first book.

How to Spot the (Star) Signs is published by Pan Macmillan Australia and available from all leading book retailers including Booktopia.

Image: How to Spot the (Star) Signs – courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia