Manwatching makes its Melbourne premiere

The Butterfly Club ManwatchingA funny, frank and occasionally explicit insight into heterosexual female desire, Manwatching makes its Melbourne premiere at The Butterfly Club this week (plays to 23 March 2019).

Written by an anonymous woman, performed by an unprepared man, Manwatching is the thoughts of one woman when she thinks about sex with men. A different man every night is charged with reading her script aloud, sight unseen, in front of an audience – you!

“So I think it’s fair to say that most women almost definitely do masturbate, we just wait to discuss it in an oddly anonymous but public situation like this one.” 

No rehearsal, no preparation, no holds barred; Manwatching was originally presented by The Royal Court Theatre and took the UK by storm. Tackling not just sex but sexual politics, this important but anonymous female voice is brought hilariously to life each night by an utterly unprepared performer.

“Someone guessed that David Hare wrote [this play], and somebody else said Daniel Kitson,” says the anonymous female author. “It’s very funny how quick we are to assume that men wrote everything.”

Director: Milly Cooper Featuring: Jason Geary, Andrew Strano, Tim Quabba, Patrick Schnur, Jack Dixon-Gunn and many more! Producers: Gavin Roach with Izzy McDonald

The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season continues to 23 March 2019
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Image: Manwatching (supplied)