Malthouse Theatre’s landmark immersive theatre show Because The Night extended until September 2021

Keegan-Joyce-as-Hamlet-in-Because-The-NightImmersive theatre adventure Because The Night, devised during Melbourne’s winter lockdown in 2020, has been extended until 26 September 2021 after selling more tickets than any other show in Malthouse Theatre’s history.

Because The Night was created as a direct response to COVID-19 in order to perform to reduced audience numbers and promote a safe theatre experience for actors and audiences.

Devised by Malthouse Theatre’s artistic team, including Artistic Director and Co-CEO Matthew Lutton, and Resident Artists Ra Chapman and Kamarra Bell-Wykes, the show has survived the ups and downs of lockdowns and is now one of the company’s biggest successes.

The production opened on 23 March this year and has been welcoming waves of new audiences to the theatre, delivering an immersive experience that gives visitors the choice of what to do, what to see and experience.

Taking place takes place across more than 30 custombuilt fantasy rooms in the historic Malthouse building in Southbank, it has captured Melbourne’s imagination.

Drawing inspiration from the explosive story of Hamlet, audiences can freely explore the detailed world of Elsinore as the performance unfolds around them.

As a silent witness to the story, audiences start from one of three entrances and can follow the actors and the main narratives, or venture off the beaten track to uncover hidden rooms and secrets hiding in the palace.

“It is thrilling to have Because The Night performing again. The eagerness of audiences returning so quickly after the lockdown is energising,” said Malthouse Theatre’s Artistic Director, Matthew Lutton. “We can’t extend Because The Night beyond September, but I hope we can welcome as many as possible into Elsinore before 26 September.”

“It is constantly evolving: new content has been added to the show and we celebrate the arrival of an incredible new cast member, Kurt Pimblett. It’s joyful to be part of a theatre experience that is always evolving, responding and growing.”

Malthouse Theatre’s Because The Night continues to 26 September 2021. For more information and to book tickets, visit: for details.

Image: Keegan Joyce as Hamlet in Because The Night – photo by Kristian Gehradte