Love Does Cost a Thing – The uncensored story of JLo’s infamous love life

Melb-Fringe-Hannah-CañonMaking her festival debut, Hannah Cañon is thrilled to put her Latin American heritage centre stage, as she presents Love Does Cost a Thing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Digital Program this November.

The Fringe Festival has provided a platform for Hannah to embrace her cultural diversity and shine in the show, Love Does Cost a Thing – an unauthorised and uncensored comedy cabaret about Latin pop icon JLo’s tenacious pursuit of love.

With recent discussions around the lack of representation of BIPOC in the Australian musical theatre industry, Hannah Cañon has felt the impact of this first-hand. “I go into auditions knowing that with my skin tone and darker features, if parts don’t explicitly require a person of colour, there is a small chance I will be considered for casting,” she said.

In the past, diverse casting opportunities have been missed, with Australian productions casting non-Latino performers as Latino characters. “There are so many talented Latin American and BIPOC performers in Australia, my hope is that we see some positive change,” said Cañon.

Taking matters into her own hands, Hannah decided to write and direct Love Does Cost a Thing to make a space for Latino representation on Australian stages thanks to progressive organisations such as the Melbourne Fringe Festival for embracing cultural diversity and providing a platform to show how talented the Latino community is.

JLo is a particular source of inspiration for Hannah, as a strong and smart Latina female whose work ethic and persistence allowed her to go from living sparingly in the rough suburbs of the Bronx, to the highest echelons of the fame.

The show is a celebration of JLo, where homage is paid to her greatest pop cultural achievements. In true cabaret fashion, the show also has a good-natured laugh at her unwavering and very public quest for love.

Directed by seasoned cabaret artist and producer Sally Bourne, the show is sure to entertain. Pull up a virtual chair at the digital Melbourne Fringe Festival, and be entertained by Latin music, vocals, denim, and diamantes, relive JLo’s craziest exploits and greatest hits in her iconic search for love.

Love Does Cost a Thing
Melbourne Fringe Digital Program
Season: 26 – 28 November 2020
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Image: Hannah Cañon (supplied)