Look What We Made

Look What We Made is an eclectic collection of maker stories from across Australia, lovingly brought to you by the people behind frankie magazine.

Inside you’ll meet hatmakers and brewers, potters and jewellers, plus textile artists, illustrators, musicians, weavers, cobblers and a whole lot more creative folk doing what they love best.

Charting the skills, inspirations, spaces and day-to-day life of 38 local makers – from big cities and small regional towns – it’s an affectionate (yet honest) tribute to the handmade way of life.

Beautifully photographed and presented in a 256-page coffee table format, and chock-full of tips for running a creative business, editor Jo Walker explores the good stuff and the grotty bits, the art and the offcuts.

These are the makers who craft because they want to create the perfect something, or the perfectly imperfect one. Because they’ve got something to say. Because their hands and brain won’t be quiet otherwise. And with a head full of ideas – plus a little patience and skill – they can produce something of worth, and then share it around.

They use glitter and yarn and paint and metal. Some learnt a trade. Some make it up as they go along. Some have part-time jobs, some barely leave their bedrooms. They make alone, and together. They create things that are useful. And some that are beautiful. And some that are silly!

Look What We Made is published by frankie magazine and is available online or from your favourite retailer.

Image: Look What We Made – courtesy of frankie magazine