Long Live the King

AAR-A-Little-Life-Theatre-Long-Live-the-KingA political drag cabaret based on Shakespeare’s Richard the Third, A Little Life Theatre presents Long Live the King at the La Mama Theatre from 29 – 31 October 2022.

Jealous Richard of Gloucester wants to be King of England and uses manipulation and deceit to achieve his goal. He murders his brothers, nephews and any opposition to become King Richard III. In the end, Henry of Richmond raises an army, kills Richard in battle, and becomes King Henry VII.

Long Live the King takes and flips the Shakespearean narrative of King Richard III and features two drag kings – glitter beards and all – exposing heteronormative masculinity, hegemonic decline, deceit and manipulation on the path to glory.

Bringing together Shakespeare, music, drag and 21st century political blundering Long Live the King, the premiere performance from intersectional feminist physical theatre collective A Little Life Theatre, is not one to be missed.

Experience the drama and theatricality of the Shakespearean world and the pageantry and promenade of parliament in forty minutes of action-packed glitter drenched theatre. Directed by Max Tassell, Long Live the King features Ira Luxuria and Jaimee Doyle.

Long Live the King
La Mama HQ, 205 Faraday Street, Carlton
Season: 29 – 31 October 2022
Information and Bookings: www.lamama.com.au

Image: A Little Life Theatre presents Long Live the King (supplied)