Live Performance Australia to drive cultural change preventing workplace discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying

Workplace BullyingLive Performance Australia (LPA) has today released a draft Industry Code of Practice for consultation with its members and the broader Australian live performance industry.

The Code aims to provide comprehensive, best practice standards to prevent discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in workplaces. While many live performance industry members already have policies and procedures to deal with complaints, LPA’s approach underscores the importance of an industry-wide commitment to long term cultural change.

LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson said the draft Code would be particularly helpful for small to medium sized companies which may need additional support in strengthening or improving their in-house policies and capabilities. People who work in our industry expect and deserve leadership from us on these issues, as do our audiences and the wider community,” said Ms Richardson.

“A best practice industry-wide approach is important given the mobility of our workforce and the differences among our members in respect of company resources and scale. Each and every member of our industry must be aware of their legal responsibilities and their duty of care to their employees and have policies, procedures, education and training in place to deal with these issues,” added Ms Richardson.

Work on the draft Code commenced during 2017 and is now being released to members and industry stakeholders for consultation. The consultation period closes on 26 March 2018. The Code will be mandatory for LPA Members.

The draft Code is part of a comprehensive package of measures strongly supported by LPA’s Executive Council to deal with discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. Other activities planned include:

• a national roadshow to educate LPA members about the Code with briefings targeted at CEOs, company owners and senior managers and will include specialist workplace training;

• participating in an industry roundtable being convened by the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Commissioner;

• reaffirming its commitment to work with the MEAA on these workplace issues and is engaged in discussions on further cooperation; and

• examining options to improve industry education and training, including in person and online delivery of training and resources to strengthen capability among industry workers and leaders.

To download the draft Industry Code of Practice, click here. For more information about Live Performance Australia, visit: for details.