Lilli Waters: Anthropocene, The Age of Humans

Lilli Waters, Portrait of a Faceless Woman, 2020Featuring a series of photographs challenging the marble skin figure of the female form against eerie post apocalyptic landscapes, award-winning photographer Lilli Waters will unveil her latest exhibition Anthropocene, The Age of Humans in a brand-new virtual exhibition via Curatorial & Co from 9 June 2020.

“This series draws inspiration from biblical narratives of creation and the fall of man (woman),” said Waters. “While the fall was characterised by torment and shame, the presence of the women in these untamed landscapes has a dream-like ambiguity. Rather than being helpless, or in need of protection, the women offer a more expansive expression of the feminine beauty combined with strength.”

Embarking on a five-day road trip in January with her Muse, Waters fought the elements whilst following the beautiful landscapes. With limited options due to raging fires, Waters set towards the lush Grampian Ranges waiting in the uninhabited landscapes catching moments of light in her creative playground.

Further communicating the communion with nature, Waters used for the first time the delicate and feminine lace, this along with the models veil like hair allowed the challenge of the stereotypical notions of the female to be explored.

Waters’ work has featured in magazines/newspapers such as The Age, The Design Files, Elle, Vogue Living and Real Living, as well as on the silver screen in Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Waters was featured in 2018 ABC documentary series Art Bites: Mirror.

Anthropocene, The Age of Humans can be viewed online and by appointment via Curatorial & Co from 9 June 2020. For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Lilli Waters, Portrait of a Faceless Woman (detail), from the series, Anthropocene, The Age of Humans, 2020 – courtesy of the artist and Curatorial & Co