LAND|MARK – contemporary jewellery and objects

Landmark_Tallis Robinson-GawneAn exploration of both the tangible and metaphysical; mapping the visual landscape and the intricacies of the mind, LAND|MARK features exceptional pieces created by upcoming designers of tomorrow – utilising traditional gold and silver-smithing techniques in harmony with contemporary technology.

LAND|MARK will present more than 200 works including sculptures, installations, jewellery and functional objects that deal with a broad collection of themes arising from the identity of the artists and stance within a progressively changing contemporary culture.

Organised entirely by the graduating class, LAND|MARK reflects the passion and commitment invested by students in their craft, demonstrating the creativity of Sydney’s emerging contemporary jewellery and object designers, while exposing their varied practice to the public.

The designers will also have the opportunity to give a greater insight into their creative works and processes through a series of talks which will be held on Saturday 29 November from 2pm.

While signifying a pivotal point in the artistic journey of emerging Jewellery and Object designers, LAND|MARK also marks a milestone in the history of the Jewellery and Object design department as it celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Design Centre, Enmore.

LAND|MARK – contemporary jewellery and objects
Level 3 – Central Park Retail, 28 Broadway, Chippendale
Exhibition: 28 – 30 November 2014
Free entry

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Image: Tallis Robinson-Gawne, Vapor Vessel 2014, cement & stainless steel